The 9 Best Compostable Plates Available in 2019

The situation with Single-Use Plastic and the food industry...

The food service industry faces a large problem in the 21st century; a large portion of restaurant’s orders are takeaway or delivered via apps such as Menulog and Uber Eats which require orders to be packaged thoroughly. The result of this is that the food service industry now produces more disposable plastic tableware than any other industry on planet earth. If you are the owner or manager of a catering company, café, restaurant or events agency this leaves you in a tricky place. You need to provide your customers with the disposable tableware they require, however you are very conscious about the damage that disposable plastic packaging and tableware is causing to the local environment and the negative opinions this creates about your business. How can we have our cake served on disposable plastic flatware and still eat it?

The answer has been around for thousands of years, only now it has taken a technological turn for the better! The answer of course is making your disposable tableware and packaging out of plants, then you can just throw it away with the left-over food and it can be composted to produce top quality soil and fertiliser, ready to grow the next generation of plants. Where as people used to use banana leaves and pieces of bark as plates and bowls and sticks as cutlery, we now have solutions such as bowls and plates made from sugar cane fibre (bagasse) and compostable plastics made from corn starch.

In this article we will outline the best biodegradable plates available on the market today in the USA. Here at GreenGrove we believe in only highlighting truly eco-friendly tableware solutions, and so you can be sure that every product listed in this article is verified as 100% compostable by either Vincotte or the USA’s Biodegradable products institute (BPI).

Compostable Plates:

Many different types of compostable plates exit; these include plates made from bagasse, paper plates, palm leaf plates and wheat fibre plates. Which of these plates you should choose? This depends upon your situation. You could be running a catering company, organising a wedding party, or selling take away meals as a restaurant; each one of these activities is suited best by its own unique product. To help you make the right decision, we have summarised the market for biodegradable plates available in the USA and presented the greatest products for each plate type.

Bagasse Plates:

Bagasse is the fibrous material which remains as the waste product of processing sugar cane for commercial use, and as such is a great eco-friendly solution to disposable plates, as the bagasse they are made from is technically already a waste product. Bagasse is extremely biodegradable and will turn to entirely in a matter of months in a home composting facility. If you are a food vendor, caterer or event organiser who specialises in outdoor catering then bagasse is a great, low cost option to use for your eco-friendly plates. There are a wide range of bagasse plates available on the market, so we have provided our top picks below for best bagasse plates available on Amazon USA.

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Stackman Pack of 125 7 Inch Plates



This pack provides relatively good value at quite a low quantity, ideal for a family get together or picnic. The 125 pack is also available as 9-inch plates.

The small box size means that you are not getting the best possible value for money.

Amazon Basics compostable plate 500 count



This is a good bulk pack for businesses to buy if they want a basic, plane 10-inch compostable plate.

The plates are on the lower end of quality for bagasse, however can hold up to most light meals.

Earth's Natural Alternative 9" Plate 50 Count



If you only need a few plates, this is the cheapest pack on the market. They look the eco-friendly part and are sturdy enough to eat most meals.

Very small pack size. If you are a restaurant owner this pack is bad value for money.


Palm leaf plates:

Palm leaf plates are the upscale answer to compostable flatware. Although significantly more expensive than bagasse or paper plates, palm leaf plates are infinitely sturdier and can also be reused just about as many times as you would like. The majority of palm leaf plates are made from Acre leaf; this provides a stiff and ridged plate which is ideal for permanent kitchenware and upscale events such as weddings, dining parties, Thanks giving and Christmas. You can buy a whole range of acre leaf plates on Amazon ranging in size and shape; there are even a selection of plates in the shape of animals with custom printed designs on them! As always, we have done the market research for you, and have found The best palm leaf plates available and included them below for you.

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Cater Eco 50 Pack- 25 7”, 25 9” Square Palm leaf Plate set




This is great for a smallish party with up to 25 attendants. The two different sizes of plate mean that all customers get one large and one side plate.

Being a small pack, the cost per plate is significantly higher for this pack

Eco Gecko pack 200 4” Palm leaf plates




These are very nice as upscale side plates, and the large pack allows for a plentiful supply if you are a company wanting to showcase your food with the trendiest upscale palm leaf tableware

The small size makes serving meals on such plates almost impossible. These plates are uniquely suited to Tapas dining facilities and other small-dish serving restaurants.

Save the Date’s 25 7” Round Disposable Dinner Set Party Appetizer Areca Palm Leaf Plates



These are the most clean-looking acre leaf plates currently available on the market, and come in 6” through to 10” In both round and square shape.

This brand sells as a 25 pack, which means all of their products are priced relatively highly per plate.


Paper plates:

As perhaps the most well known of the three compostable plates mentioned, paper plates can be found in bulk for relatively cheap. There are several disadvantages of using paper plates, the main one being that they are extremely flimsy and, unless coated with an oil-based paint that does not biodegrade, are very susceptible to moisture which makes them even structurally weaker. Paper plates are not a good option for serving full meals, however single pieces of food such as cake and snacks can be served on paper plates without too high a risk of the plate falling apart. We would recommend only using paper plates for instances such as birthday parties for serving the cake. After careful consideration and study of the market we have found the best three paper plates available in the USA; these plates can be found below with a link to amazon for you to purchase if you so wish.


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 Dixie Everyday Disposable Paper Plates 220 count 


 These are good for large functions such as weddings if you need disposable flatware and want to make sure it's compostable.

They come in 5 separate packs, all wrapped in plastic. This seems very counter intuitive and produces unnecessary plastic waste.

Amazon Basics Ovular Compostable paper plates 12”x10”


 The ovular shape of the plate allows for more dynamism at the table when serving large meals or when you have meals which are naturally segmented into two parts. 

 Per plate they are slightly more than the Dixie paper plates, however they are also larger in surface area. 

Hefty Paper Sturdy Microwaveable Plates 9 Inch, 100 Count


 For paper plates these are very strong. They hold up well when placed in the microwave to heat up food. They are quite moisture resistant and very compostable.

 The price of Hefty’s paper plates is at the high end for this kind of biodegradable plate. If you are looking for value for money as a business owner, you may want to reconsider.


Whether you are planning an event or choosing the best choice for your catering business, it is essential that you make the right choice when it comes to your compostable plates. After all, this is the platter on which you serve your customers your masterpiece. It must live up to the charisma of your beautiful catering! If you need to use compostable plates regularly in your business, then consider book marking this post so that you can return in the future if you would like to try other products, this way you can find them conveniently listed here along with their summary.

If you are running a business, the chances are that you don’t only need biodegradable alternatives for your plates. So, to help you make the right choice for your business and customers, we have created articles for all of the essential eco-friendly tableware products you require. We have spent much time studying the market for each one of these blogs which can be found linked below.



  • Hi there, regarding your bagasse plates review, there is not mention that they have to be composted at an industrial or commercial facility. I was going to buy these plates at first, but when you go to their Amazon website, all 3 mention they must go to a commercial or industrial facility, otherwise they’re no better than standard, far cheaper paper plates.

    Cerissa Morrissette
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  • Great overview, I tried all of your mentioned bagasse plates and the old paper plates. The most sturdy ones I found are those from smeen compostable bamboo fiber plates from Amazon from the following link:

  • Great overview, I tried all of your mentioned bagasse plates and the old paper plates. The most sturdy ones I found are those from smeen compostable bamboo fiber plates from Amazon from the following link:


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